Phase 1 Project Documents

The Phase 1 Pre-Nomination Study was kicked off with an initial public information meeting on June 26, 2007. Work in progress was reviewed at a public workshop at St. Michael’s Church on July 31, 2007. The Phase 1 Pre-Nomination Study was completed in February of 2008 as a final plan presentation to a community forum at City Hall and as a final plan concept map. Please click on the links below to view all the documents presented in this phase.

Press Release for Jun. 2007 Meeting

Jun. 2007 Presentation

Jun. 2007 Handout

Jul. 2007 Presentation

Jul. 2007 Principles and Strategies

Jul. 2007 Site Characteristics Handout

Jul. 2007 Citizen’s Maps

Feb. 2008 Final Presentation

Feb. 2008 Final Concept Plan

Feb. 2008 Program Overview

Pre Nomination Study